Divination (Tarot & Oracle ) Readings

Paula’s Divination Style

My practice encompasses many reading and healing modalities. I adjust which blend of mediumship, psychic-intuitive empath reading, card (Tarot, Oracle) reading and healing methods I use based on what I intuit is right for you or upon your request. My reading is a bit like consulting with mediumistic bonuses–a blend of safe space and spiritual guidance to help you better understand yourself in order to better manifest your best life.

Most Requested Readings:

  • Spiritual Guidance 
  • Growth & Awareness
  • Romance, Love & Relationships
  • How to Heal Your Heart
  • Self-care, Self-Love & Self-Improvement
  • The Way Out
  • Career, Destiny (On right path)

Why have a Card Reading?

At certain times in our lives we need objective guidance, spiritual clarity, and/or validation of our own feelings and desires. Tarot Card readings create an opportunity for us to see ourselves in a different light. A Tarot Card reading can help provide specific insights into the significant milestones in our lives – past, present, and future. Tarot can also be a practical tool to use when you want to know whether or not you’ll get the job, meet your new partner, and/or if you should buy that new car.

Whether you hope for confirmation that your soul has a unique purpose, and your life a greater plan, or if you want to move swiftly forward on your chosen path… a Tarot Card reading can help reveal the answers to your questions. The challenge is to dare, to know, to will, and sometimes, to keep silent, listening to the answers that come from within oneself.

What to expect?

Most of my sessions begin with an intuitive reading in which I check in with the beings around you (which can often include guides, angels, loved ones, and beings of light) to get an idea of what they feel is the most important thing happening in your life at the moment and on which on which they would like to offer their guidance.

From there, I work with your participation to liaise with your guides and helpful spirits to answer any questions you may have. My goal is to help empower you to make the changes that support your highest and best goals. My readings often end in healings, in which guides help me move some energy around and give you a few tools to use after you walk out of the door. You have the power to change your life! I want to help you see that you are supported across every facet of your being.

Divination (Tarot & Oracle) Readings
$50 (15 minutes)
$80 (30 minutes)
$120 (1 hour)
$180 (1 hour 30 minutes)
$240 (2 hours)

 $40 (2 questions via email)


Note: For a more in depth guidance, consider a Psychic Advisor-Intuitive Consultant session. Divination Readings bring things into your awareness and offers guidance to co-create your future using your free will. The difference between a reading and Psychic Advisor session, is we would dive deeper into clearing out potential blocks, or guidance on rituals to assist moving through healings. To read more go here: Link