Spiritual Consultant

Spell Casting Consultations
Spell Casting Consultations are available for those interested in furthering their knowledge of Magick and ritual. This is your time to ask all the questions that you have regarding ritual techniques, methodologies, and how to further develop your spiritual practice. If you are unsure what spiritual guidance you need I offer consultations on customize a spell.  Identifying the energies around us can be complicated and is made more difficult when it comes to utilizing the right formula. Magic is the art of changing the energy around us to achieve an outcome.

Cost: $80 (30 minutes) / $120 (1 hour) / $180 (1 hour 30 minutes)

Personalized Moon Magickal Tools
I specialize in custom made-to-order candles, oils and sprays, typically, placed by my clients after a session. Do you have a specific need in mind, or just want to discuss some ideas? I would love to help make you a custom candle that will shine brightly in your home and through your life. They are excellent and spiritually prepared tools, however, I make no guarantees. The real power lies within you.

Cost: Mojo Bag, Potions & Candles $50, each / Spell Kit $120

  • Mojo Bags: Prepared with the highest quality organic herbs, crystals, and pure essential oils, and each is charged with Energy Healing. As well, the symbols and signs on them have been channeled with a specific purpose or intent in mind.
  • Magickal Potions: Priestess Paula is happy to offer you this wonderful and powerful tool to help you achieve your goals and desires. The recipes are made with the highest quality gemstones, herbs, and essential oils. Each potion recipe is channeled and then charged with energy to activate its powerful properties, and is made individually to ensure that the potion you choose is the right one for you.
  • Magickal Intent Candles: Candles are the strongest and oldest way to reach the heavens. They work through merging your will and intention with your spiritual framework (whatever it is!) Candles are powerful because they transform energy – you can see it in the process of burning. The flame is both visible and invisible. You are sending your spiritual request to whomever you believe in. Concentrate on the energy you want to transform and your wish coming true for the highest good of all involved. Make your requests for what your want, but be open to how they manifest. Whatever happens is for the best and is part of the process of sending you in the right direction. Votive size, mini-magickal candles. Crafted by me once a month when the moon is right. Made in small batches. All have essential oils, herbs and crystals in the candle to help you focus your energy.